Shrubs & Perenials 


 ​​​​​Quod  Seminarium

 Quod Seminarium welcomes you. This a wholesale Nursery that propagates 80% of all its plant stock. This is a container plant nursery. We design and plant for are customers. We have been growing are own plant stock for about 6 years now. This photo is 1 of many plant design landscapes that we have provided to our customers. 
           Kev, has chosen to plant Oak Leaf Hydrangia for along the    fence line.     Green mountain boxwoods were placed in-between to show the height reduction down to a hedge of winter gem boxwoods down in front for a english garden style planting. Borders were established with belguim block stone, following   3/8'' Jersey local pee stone for the walking paths.       Planting beds were intermittently placed threw out the garden for a naturel flow and look.     Kev has chosen Sarah Bernhardt peonies, catmint, and black eyed susans cornered by dwarf english boxwood. I finished the garden design with a bird house on a tripod trellis.


Kev specilizes in living fences and privacy screens. Shown here are green giant arborvitea, cherry laurel (skip laurel) with wintergem boxwoods and assorted grasses with liriope muscari. This photo was taken in early spring while plants were returning from there dormate stages. 

Design and planted 

Kev has been designing and plainting for over 20 years. Useing plant stock for its appropriate areas and its living condition's by checking for soil condition, sun lighting, and most importantly for this area using deer resistance plant stock. 

B&B Leyland cypress avaliable, call for pricing and availability. 

B&B Green Giant Arborvitea's avaliable , call for pricing and availability.

Green Giant arborvitea in 1 gallon containers ranging in sizes from 24" to 30" for only $4.97.   CALL for availability. 
Green Lustre  Japanese   Holly                   2 gallon container     16'' plant.                 $ 6.50​​
 Gold Thread Cypress       in a 1 gallon    container 10'' plant.     $4.50
 Winter Gem Boxwood        2 gallon container    16'' plant.         $ 6.50
China Girl Holly                  2 gallon container       16'' plant.                  $ 6.50
Emerald Green Arborvitea  in  a   1 gallon container        16'' to 24'' plant.                    $4.50
 Cherry Laurel (skip Laurel)     2 gallon container      16'' plant.                $ 6.50

Trees, Shrubs, and Plants that you may like! 


Cryptomeria Radicans 

April Snow

Catmint also known as Nepeta is a great fill in Perenial used for borders or cluster planting. Nepeta does well in full sun with well draining soil with little to almost no fertilizer. Nepeta will sprout very early in spring and will stay until the 2nd frost. Nepeta has a great flowering apperance.  
Cryptomeria Radicans, also known as japanese cedar, it is a fast-growing evergreen. Cryptomeria grows pyramidal, matures out at 30' high and 8' wide and adapts well in any soil type. Plant in full sun to part shade. This will be the NEW choose of plant, alternitive to the leylend and greengiant. 
April Snow also known as Camellia. April snow are very hardy to are winters zones 6 - 9 areas. April snow has a large double white flower that will bloom in March, and if planted in the perfect area will bloom again in the fall. April snow grows best in part sun and well draining soil.